June Coleman was Manager of the Travel Department and remembers when women were in a minority at Westland

Few women worked at Westland when June Coleman began her job in 1978.There were some women engineers but most of female staff worked in offices doing administrative duties. June recalls what it was like being a women employee at Westland in the 1970s and 80’s.


I didn’t know anything about the shop floor, nothing.

Did you go in the factory at all?

Oh yes, you could walk about but you didn’t really, you know, I mean they would all whistle and shout wouldn’t they, in those days.

You were allowed to go in then, you could walk around?

Yes, there was no real restriction. Once you were on the site. I mean you couldn’t just walk in the gate, you had to have your security pass to get in, but once you were in you were in, really.

But how do you think women were viewed upon by men when you first started?

I really didn’t notice any sex discrimination, not really. No, I didn’t. I was quite looked after I think.

You walked through the factory then?

Oh well, you always got whistles then didn’t you. Don’t get them now, but you used to.

How did you feel about that?

Oh well, nice. Quite nice if they whistle isn’t it.


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