David Angulo was a Management Accountant at Westland and remembers when offices had no computers

I couldn’t be precise on the date but I remember when we first had computers which were the old green screens and floppy discs, five and a half inch discs or whatever they were and there wasn’t one on every desk of course. That’s when they did start to make little workstations so they set up the odd few computers through the office. You had to wait your turn. If you wanted to do a set of figures on a computer you had to possibly wait your turn. If somebody else was already on it you had to wait until they had finished. You didn’t have one per desk. I know it was always the management’s ambition to go one per desk and eventually we did but it took some time before everybody had their own computer. Even some of the calculating machines were shared so they wouldn’t necessarily sit on your desk with your stuff. Your own personal stuff would be your own pens, pencils, papers, some sort of files I suppose but after a time we then went to one per desk but it took quite a while to do that. Our environment looked, you know, very old fashioned and quaint as I’d put it.

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